Rudeboy, the singer, offers advice to aspiring artists on how to steer clear of depression.


In a recent Instagram story, Rudeboy, also known as Paul Okoye from Psquare, shared valuable insights for fellow musicians facing the challenges in Nigeria’s music industry. The renowned Nigerian singer highlighted the prevalent issues, including depression, and stressed the importance of strategic investments during an artist’s peak.

Addressing the hardships in the industry, Rudeboy urged musicians to work diligently and be proactive in securing their financial futures. He shared a heartfelt message, expressing weariness with the industry’s challenges and emphasizing the need to avoid unfortunate stories. Paul Okoye underscored the significance of diversifying investments, acknowledging the dynamic and demanding nature of the music landscape.

“Seriously, a lot is going on in the industry, including depression and all… But abeg if e reach your turn to shine ehh!!..abeg try to invest… e no easy at all. AVOID STORY THAT TOUCHES. Me sef don Taya to the hear stories. E come be like na loose guard industry.”

Rudeboy’s advice reflects a genuine concern for the well-being and financial stability of musicians, advocating for strategic planning and resilience in navigating the complexities of the music business.

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